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You only get one body...

Our bodies are our machines.  With them, we climb, dance, swim, sing, and carry our grand-children (and we also carry our shopping!).  As we forge through life, we also sit for hours a day in front of computers, take tumbles, create muscle imbalances, and feel the wear and tear of time.    

Any machine needs maintenance.  We take our cars to the mechanic, but are we all taking our bodies in for maintenance too?

Body in Common is the highest quality Clinical Pilates, Physiotherapy, and Body Maintenance Studio in Malaysia, run by Australian-trained professionals, and providing an international level of quality.  Your body deserves the best care it can get, and that's what we provide.


Take a moment to think about those little nagging body problems that we all have.  Has a doctor ever told you to take some painkillers and just hope that time fixes the problem?  There's a better way!  At Body in Common, we keep your bodies in the best condition that they can be, for men and women, whether you're 15 years or 100 years.  So if you've ever wished that you could get rid of those little problems - don't waste your money on low-quality.  Fix your body now, and live a pain-free, mobile, and successful life - and most important of all: get back to enjoying your life with your friends and family.

Looking after yourself - it's one thing we all have in common!


What Body issues do we Solve?

Chronic Body Issues - from minor 'nagging knees', to major back pain. 

The best time to beat the issues is while they're still those small annoyances.  Stop going through life thinking that 'my body is just not so good', and start living in premium condition.  We are the specialists in permanently fixing chronic body issues, through a mix of Australian-physiotherapy, Personalised exercise programmes designed to re-balance the body, and following up with realistic maintenance programmes.

Sore Knees

Clicking Hips

Office Workers' Lower Back Pain

Cervical Spine Stiffness

Spinal Misalignment

Chronic Headaches

Poor Posture

Jaw Pain

and all other muscular-skeletal issues.

Specialist Needs

Life throws everything at us, and we are your muscular-skeletal specialist - working for you - to keep you winning.

Head Physiotherapist, Natalie Tan, has worked with all manner of bodies, and in addition to being a muscular-skeletal specialist, is also a Women's Health Expert.



Women's Health





and all manner of specialist cases.

How We Do It

1 on 1 Detailed Assessment and Initial Treatment

Your first step is a detailed 1 on 1 consultation. 

Your body is unique, and it deserves a unique assessment and solution. 

We don't just put you on machines and walk away!

1 on 1 Pilates Programmes

The majority of the time, acute pain (eg. Injuries) is treated by Physiotherapy, while chronic pain is fixed through Clinical Pilates.   We design a 1 on 1 programme that fixes the cause of your problem, so that you can get back in control of your body.

Continuing Maintenance

Once we fix the underlying cause, you will be ready to to move into 'maintenance mode'.  Our bodies are delicate machines, and doing regular maintenance is the key to your quality of life.

Maintenance through Group Fitness Classes

If your maintenance is really under control, you're ready for our Group Fitness Pilates to keep healthy and meet new people.

A Word from Our Clients

"I did Pilates with Nat for at least two years, and found real relief.


The sessions provided physically challenging exercises that Nat tailored to the needs of my body, whilst being cognisant of my age and lack of flexibility. The exercises improved my flexibility, built my strength and increased awareness of my core, particularly as I had a tendency to use my back muscles to lift, rather than my stomach muscles. Natalie fixed that! 

I would highly recommend pilates with Nat, especially for people who are moving into their middle and later years as there is no question it improves both body and mind. Nat’s physiotherapy background is a definite bonus for her patients. If I had sore muscles, Nat would immediately give me some physio to help relieve my aches and pains.

I cannot recommend Nat and her pilates sessions enough, and hope you can find the same relief that I have.

Sue S, Client

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