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Clinical Pilates - Look After Yourself

"To understand Clinical Pilates, I have three questions for you:

  1. What is your Goal in Life?  To hold your grandchildren when you're old?  To play sport with your friends?  Maybe just to sleep through the night without getting woken up by back pain?  Something else?

  2. How much do you spend on you car every year?

  3. Which machine is more valuable to you?  Your car?  or your body? 


It might be time to start doing more body maintenance!"

Do you have an annoying discomfort that comes and goes?  Have you been to a Chiro, Massage therapist, or other treatment for some relief, only to find that the pain comes back?  Whether you're 10 or 100 years of age, nearly everybody has ailments that could use improving.  What makes Clinical Pilates and Australian-Style Physiotherapy so effective is that it treats the core of the problem with a clear treatment plan - not just treating the symptoms.  This means that we actually work towards the goal of being free from the issue, so that you can live your life and get back to your real life goals.

So which service is right for you?



Great for people recovering from a specific event, such as injury, post-operative care, and workplace accidents.

Clinical Pilates:

A perfect match for people with ongoing issues that won't resolve on their own.


The Clinical Pilates Process:

Clinical Pilates is a scientifically proven method of improving back pain, knee pain, and other chronic issues, as well as preparing the body for everything life has to throw at it (such as pre-natal preparation, olympic athlete training, and body maintenance).

The stages of Clinical Pilates are:

The First Session:

The first step is to come in and see our APPI-certified physiotherapists and Clinical Pilates specialists.  They will interview, assess, and determine exactly what is going on, and how to get from here to where we need to be! 

(This is not a 'free consultation'.  This is a real, in-depth session).

Five More Private Sessions to complete the 'First 6':

After only Five more Clinical Pilates sessions (for a total of 6), you will already see a clear and measurable improvement in your body.  It takes these sessions to teach the basics of Pilates Safety and control, and so the starting sessions must be private 1-on-1.

After the 'First 6', Your Choice of 'Continuing Maintenance Programme'

or Private Sessions

After achieving real differences in only six sessions, it's time to look at the bigger picture.  What are your goals for the long-term?  Do you want to be in peak condition from now until old age?  Many of our patients choose to move into the more social "Continuing Maintenance Programme" after they have completed their six sessions.  You still do a fully-personalised programme that focuses on your needs, but now have a chance to meet others, and have a mix of supervised and personal time in our Pilates gym.


A Premium service that doesn't compare to other local options. ​ We provide an in depth assessment of your injury, and don't just treat symptoms: we find the cause. By finding the cause, we can get you to move towards permanent relief. ​ Typically we will assess your posture, range of movement, muscle strength and joint range. Treatment may include joint mobilisation, postural re-education, soft tissue release, dry needling, taping, stretching, education or pilates. We can help with pain and stiffness relief and suppression, pre and post natal issues, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, hypermobility, spinal pain and injury prevention.




Real results take more than one session. We want to encourage you to stick to your programme and find real relief. If you choose to purchase the 'First 6' as a pack, then you'll save RM250. ​ The Clinical Pilates methodology is the best method to permanently relieve discomfort that comes and goes, chronic pain and other body issues. It involves a detailed assessment, and personalised programme.


Clinical Pilates


Once you have completed the Clinical 'First 6' Private sessions, you can choose whether you want to go into Group Fitness Reformer Classes, or stay in the Clinical Pilates 'Continuing Maintenance Programme'. This programme allows you to come in at fixed times throughout the week to use our Clinical Pilates equipment with a maximum of 3 other people - each working on their unique programmes. A Clinical Pilates instructor will keep assessing and improving your goals and exercises, with the advantage of a more social atmosphere.


Continuing Maintenance Programme


Your first assessment and session must be done solo, however afterwards you may choose to do the next 5 sessions with your partner or with some friends.

Duet: RM150 each Triple: RM130 each Quad: RM100 each

Private Clinical Pilates Duet and Triple