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International-quality Physiotherapy right here in Bangsar

"My name is Natalie, and I'm the founder of Body in Common.

As an Australian-trained Physiotherapist and Muscular-skeletal specialist, I've seen all manner of people come to me and say "oh don't worry - it's just something I have to live with".  People worry about whether they can keep playing their favourite sport, or carry their grand-children as they age, but when it comes time to solve these problems, they think there is no answer.  We are surrounded by doctors and companies who think that life-long pills are the answer to body issues; and all too often, they forget that we can actually solve the problems and we have an entire field of study dedicated to doing just that!  So when I returned to Malaysia in 2018, I was determined to bring back the quality of service with me.

​​Body in Common is a fitness, wellness, Clinical Pilates, and Physiotherapy studio that draws its roots from the highest quality of training available.  Having spent over a decade training and working in Australia as a registered Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, I'm here to bring back to the local community.  Whether you're an expatriate or a local; old or young, there is a programme that is right for your body and schedule.  No body ailment is too small to be dealt with today, and your 'minor inconvenience' is so important to solve if you want to live to your fullest.

Body in Common runs both clinical classes and fitness classes.  Fitness classes are for people with that would like to increase their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, as well as meet new people.  The clinical side is focused on working with clients who have specific issues, such as pain, injuries, or health conditions.  One size doesn't fit all, and we work with you to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Both our clinical and our fitness streams focus on using the scientific Pilates methodology, as taught by APPI - the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.  This methodology has exercises for both men and women and focuses on all aspects of the body.

See you soon,


​Bachelor of Physiotherapy - Melbourne University

Certified Mat-work Instructor - APPI

Certified Equipment Instructor - APPI

Dry Needling Certification

What is Clinical Pilates?

In short, Clinical Pilates is the Australian Physiotherapist's tool to permanently address the cause of body muscular-skeletal problems - from a slightly sore knee, to a major scoliosis.

Have you ever woken up with a sore back, knee, neck, or other body part that just didn't seem to get better?  Some days are better, some days are worse.  It makes you grumpy, but it just doesn't seem like you can fix it? 


There are many 'quick fixes' for pain out there - you can take pills for the rest of your life, or consider high-risk treatments such as Chiro or Surgery, but when the problem comes back, then you're not treating the cause.

Clinical Pilates is a set of exercises that focus on posture, balance, core stability, strength, and flexibility.  It is suitable for Men and Women, and Pilates students range for 5 years old to 105 years old!


What really sets the Pilates method apart from other physiotherapy and workout methods is its ability to keep the body balanced, as it treats the cause of problems - not just the symptoms! 

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century in Germany, and draws from scientific observation to maximise the value of each exercise.  It is often used in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques and fitness classes to provide maximum balance.  One of the fundamental ideas in Pilates is to focus on not just the 'big mover' muscles, but also the equally important stabiliser muscles as well.  By doing so, Pilates students gain better functional strength throughout their whole body - properly protecting their joints and muscles from future damage.

Pilates uses a wide range of equipment.  At its simplest, someone can use just a yoga mat.  At its fullest, the list of equipment fills a specialised studio! 

So if you know that your mobility is the most important thing you have.  If you know that carrying your grandchildren (or your groceries) is worth doing.  If you've ever experienced discomfort, pain or weakness, consider treating the cause - not just the symptoms.  Let us help you to be what you can be.